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Helping people with lymphedema financially.

Service offerings

Other complementary therapies

Meditation workshop. People with cancer Consult the organization's website for the schedule of activities Trois-Rivières


Lymphedema treatment, Vodder technique. Organization financially supporting access to treatment for lymphedema. By appointment Trois-Rivières

Financial help

Financial assistance to people with lymphedema secondary to cancer treatment to receive appropriate care by a therapist. Free offer of a post-operative camisole. Apply for financial aid by completing the form available on the organization's website. No money is paid directly to the beneficiaries of the treatments. By appointment Trois-Rivières

Support group

Support group for people with cancer and their loved ones. Support group for male spouses of a partner with cancer. People with cancer and their families Consult the schedule of activities on the organization's website Trois-Rivières