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Organize a fundraising event

Organize a fundraiser — Grand défoulement à ma façon — as that reflects your interests and become an ally of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. People affected with the illness will find a new source of strength thanks to your generosity and that of those who will join you.


Create a fundraising project that reflects your personality

Mobilize your family, friends, colleagues and your community to develop a fundraiser within your powers. No matter how big or small, every gesture counts to support Quebecers who are facing this ordeal on a daily basis. Let your imagination go and be creative!

Filled with activity ideas and advices, the organizer’s guide (in French only) will accompany you in the realization of your Grand défoulement à ma façon.

Check out events already staged by people across Quebec (in French only).

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Submit your project now!

Are you ready to go ahead with your fundraising project? We invite you to fill out our online form on the Grand défoulement à ma façon‘s portal.