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Programme à Félix

A network full of resources for young adults dealing with cancer and their loved ones, including the portal.

Concrete help

Cancer is destabilizing at any age, but all the more so for young people who must learn how to cope with this serious and complex disease while still in a critical stage of their lives.

“Don’t just talk about it; do something concrete to make a difference in the lives of young people fighting cancer”

His parents, Hélène Deslauriers and Benoît Hallée, wanted to honor his wishes and joined the Quebec Cancer Foundation in setting up services to respond to the needs of this age group.

Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Programme à Félix was established to provide all they need to get through this rough ordeal.

Thanks to this program, the services offered by the Foundation are tailored to the specific needs of teens and young adults, allowing them to be supported as well as all other age groups.

  • Concrete services
  • Support and assistance
  • Precautions and advice
  • Tips to help (support for loved ones)

A Website for people with cancer aged 15-39 and their loved ones


By visiting, adolescents and young adults can now access a wealth of information, tools, resources and services across the province.

It also offers tools and practical advice based on the reality and needs of 15-39 year olds with cancer and their loved ones, in order to support them on a daily basis.

Brochure Quoi dire? Quoi faire?

Check out the brochure (in French only) addressed to people  learning that someone they know in their close circle, from 15 to 39 years of age, has cancer. It paints a general picture of cancer as it manifests itself in this age bracket and opens the way to several services which are offered according to an individual’s needs.

The Programme à Félix is generously supported by TELUS Friendly Future Foundation: