Appointment with the Pivot Nurse

Appointment with the Pivot Nurse

According to the Direction de la lutte contre le cancer (2008), the pivot nurse in oncology acts as a support resource for people living with cancer, from diagnosis right through the entire cancer experience, including treatments.
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Last update : February 2018

She is the person you must contact first if you have questions and concerns between your medical appointments. The pivot nurse will refer you to other members of the health care team or external resources, if need be.

To learn more about pivot nurses

The Pivot Nurse | McGill University Health Centre

Ces anges qui tiennent la main des femmes atteintes de cancer | Radio-Canada (In French only)

Pivot nurses assess the resources and health needs of patients and the needs of their family, if relevant.

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Our suggestions for preparing for your appointment with the pivot nurse.

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Info-cancer nurses Brigitte Fournier and Louise Plaisance have prepared the following list of sample questions you may want to ask your pivot nurse. Both Brigitte and Louise worked for many years as pivot nurses in Quebec City.

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To learn more

For more information about the role of pivot nurses or for help getting ready for your appointment, call the Info-Cancer Hotline (1-800-363-0063) to speak with a nurse or documentalist.

Oncology in Quebec


Your appointment with the oncology social worker

Oncology social workers help people with cancer and their loved ones better adapt to the changes brought on by the disease and its psychosocial impact.

Meeting with the oncologist

We often have lots of questions to ask our doctor when it comes time to meet him. The nursing staff at the Info-Cancer Line (1-800-363-0063) can help you prepare for the meeting, by clarifying your questions and putting them in order.

The organization of care in oncology

Quebec launched a cancer control program (Programme de lutte contre le cancer) in 1998 following an extensive public and professional consultation. As a result, three types of oncology teams were gradually established across the province.
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