Financial and legal assistance

Intended for people in circumstances of vulnerability, our financial and legal assistance programs allow more Quebecers with cancer to focus on their healing instead of their financial or legal burden.

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FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Support program for daily living activities

People diagnosed with cancer often find themselves dealing with unexpected financial difficulties. The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Support program for daily living activities makes it possible for Quebecers with cancer to increase their focus on healing – instead of their finances.

The Support program for daily living activities is a last-resort financial assistance measure for people with cancer who are living below the low income threshold and are not eligible for other financial assistance programs. The annual amount¹ granted under this program can be up to $1,000 per individual.

Inquire about the financial assistance program

To request about the Support program for daily living activities, you must contact your health establishment’s social worker or oncology practitioner. They will provide you with more details about this measure. Note that to be considered, requests *must* be submitted by social workers or oncology practitioners accredited by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The health workers in question are responsible for following up with the patients requesting support.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be a Quebec resident.
  • Must be registered with a valid health insurance card (issued under the Quebec health insurance program [RAMQ]).
  • Must have received a cancer diagnosis (regardless of the type of cancer) and for whom the disease affects income.
  • person who does not have access to other financial assistance in oncology and who has not received any other assistance in the last 12 months (all needs combined)
  • person living below the low-income cut-off (with supporting notice of assessment) and having a family unit of*:
    • 1 person: annual gross income of less than $29,380;
    • 2 people: combined annual gross income of less than $36,576;
    • 3 people: combined annual gross income of less than $44,966;
    • 4 people: combined annual gross income of less than  $54,594;
    • 5 people: combined annual gross income of less than $61,920;
    • 6 people: combined annual gross income of less than $69,835;
    • 7 people or more: combined annual gross income of less than $77,751.​

Reach out to your health establishment’ social worker or oncology practitioner

Supporting your patients through the process

For more information on ways of supporting your patients and regarding the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s last-resort assistance measure the Support program for daily living activities contact us at Only requests submitted by healthcare workers who have completed the the Support program for daily living activities’ training will be processed.²

Support our financial assistance program

The Foundation wants to ensure that Quebecers need not be obliged to make a choice or prioritize between their physical, mental and financial health, particularly because of income as well as the numerous unexpected healthcare expenses related to a cancer diagnosis. 

60,000 Quebecers are diagnosed with cancer each year

Please help us support them by providing a much-needed lifeline

On behalf of all our beneficiaries, we thank the Fondation Famille Léger for its 2022 donation of $25,000 to this program, which they understand is essential. 

​​1) Eligibility criteria and amounts granted may change with no advance notice. There is no guarantee as to whether requests will or will not be accepted.

2) Requests sent by patients to this email will NOT be processed.


A diagnosis of cancer can lead to unexpected financial expenses. In order to help people with cancer to preserve their dignity and to curb their potential financial precarity, the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers free legal services in partnership with Juripop, all across the province.

For whom?

People with cancer whose total income is inferior to certain financial thresholds will be eligible for free legal services, based on their needs.

Adapted legal services

People facing cancer and who find themselves in a precarious situation can consult Juripop’s team of lawyers and notaries to support them in their legal formalities:

  • Civil law
  • Family law
  • Landlord/tenant law
  • Contract law
  • Succession law

How to access free legal services?

For more information about how to access free legal services: 

  • Visit Juripop’s website 
  • Call 1-855-JURIPOP 

These free legal services are available thanks to the financial support of the Notarial Studies Fund of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

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