Cancer information

Whether you have cancer or you are a loved one, find everything you need to know about what cancer is, existing treatments, clinical research, the organization of oncology care in Quebec, how to live with cancer from the announcement of the diagnosis to life after cancer, as well as the best practices to adopt for caregivers.



What is cancer? Find out everything you need to know about its definition, ways to help prevent it, its detection, the various classification systems and more.

Treatments to cancer

Discover the various types of cancer treatment: how they work, the precautions to take and the associated side effects.


Clinical Research

People with cancer can contribute to research by participating in a clinical trial.


Oncology in Quebec

Learn more about the organization of oncology care in Quebec and how to prepare for appointments with the various health professionals.

Living with cancer

As soon as the diagnosis is announced, cancer disrupts several facets of our lives and we must adapt accordingly. We have to deal with a torrent of emotions, review our lifestyle habits and our responsibilities, while taking care of ourselves. Here is something to guide you through this stage of your life.


Being a caregiver

Supporting a person with cancer is not always easy. It is sometimes difficult to find the right words or to know how to act. It is also important not to forget about yourself and to respect yourself  in the process. Here are some tips to help you in your role as a caregiver.


After cancer

Once the treatments are behind you, as the disease recedes, it is not always easy to regain balance. Life after cancer has its share of questions, emotions and adjustments. How to resume an active life? How to approach the return to work? What will medical follow-up look like from now on?