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Complementary Therapies

With the mission of improving the quality of life of people with cancer and their loved ones, the Foundation has developed a wide range of complementary therapies offered in its Regional Centers across the province and in partner health facilities across the province, and online. The benefits of complementary therapies are numerous and recognized by the medical community.

Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Art therapy


No experience or artistic talent is required to take part in the art therapy workshops. Here is all you need: curiosity and the desire to try different mediums, such as painting, clay, wood, pastels, plaster and others. The art therapist will guide you in your artistic exploration and invite you to be creative for pleasure and not performance.

Guided meditation

Méditation guidée

This session of relaxation and internalization is a moment for you, a moment which lets each person get away from the day’s noises, take time to recharge their batteries and to focus their energies on improving their well-being.

Kinesiology (adapted physical exercise)


Exercise has many advantages, such as increased energy, fewer treatment-related side effects and better stress and anxiety management, to name a few. Our kinesiologists offer personalized exercise programs tailored to the fitness level of each person.

Massage therapy

The Quebec Cancer Foundation offers massage therapy sessions at only $25 for 60 minutes to all people in treatment for cancer.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong involves therapeutic gymnastics combining meditation, body movements and breathing. This traditional Chinese technique brings many benefits: relaxation, serenity, heightened energy, better recovery and strengthening of the immune system.



It is within a warm, soothing atmosphere of sharing and good humor that you can best discover your hidden potential, and find the tools you need to cope with cancer. Yoga is a discipline of body and spirit that employs a wide variety of exercises and techniques, including physical posture, breathing and meditation practices, and deep relaxation.

Other complementary therapies


The Foundation offers a variety of services and activities in its Regional Centers and online for those with cancer. We are here to assist you in living better through this ordeal on a daily basis. Whether it is to help you relax, to clear your thoughts, meet people, share with people or let yourself be pampered, you will find the activity that suits your need and that will do you good.