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We are taking action against cancer

Have you just been diagnosed with cancer? Has a loved one been affected?

We are here for you! Whether you need counseling, affordable accommodations near your treatment site, answers to your questions, to talk about it or to relax and take care of yourself, we can help.

Roxanne S. : témoignage de 3 cancers

Roxane S.'s story: 3 diagnoses at 31

“Some of the frustrations and negative feelings I was experiencing were perfectly normal. This knowledge went a long way towards facilitating my acceptance process.”

Linda D.’s story: art therapy as a patient, but more importantly, as a loved one

“It’s a gift that I give myself once a week, a gift that transports me elsewhere and allows me to forget my difficult daily routine for a moment.”

Jocelyne Cliche's story: resuming an active life

“Immediately after being diagnosed, I was already asking members of the healthcare team when I would be able to resume working.”

Martine Filoni's story: the workshops benefits

“This winter, I very much enjoyed attending some of the workshops offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation (QCF) such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Laughter is Health, and Visualization.”

Marie-Pierre D’Amours' story: the gift of a 56th birthday

“The services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation are a jewel that is too little known, even now. For me, there is a noticeable difference between my life before the Foundation and my life after the Foundation.”

Stephan Lavoie’s story: impeccable services near the treatment sites

“Nowhere have I found anything to compare with the human contact I received at the Foundation.”
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Annie L.'s story : breaking down isolation

“Art therapy was of great help in releasing my emotions and anguish I was experiencing on a daily basis. Also, ussi, Through the recommended readings of their documentalist, I was also greatly reassured by the stories of other people living with cancer."
Testimony of Serge D.

Serge D.'s story: coping with the precariousness of cancer

“I understand that the Support program for daily living activities will not solve my financial situation, but it is nonetheless a valuable source of support.”
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$8.5 M, a critical goal to help the community deal with cancer

13 Feb 2024

A joint mobilization for greater access to endermotherapy

25 Jan 2024
2024-2026 Strategic Plan launch

Facilitating access to services: an ambitious strategic plan for the Quebec Cancer Foundation

12 Jan 2024

The Quebec business community has come together to gather a record-breaking amount of $1,507,000 for Quebecers touched by cancer

14 Dec 2023
Holiday schedule 2023-2024

Holiday 2023-2024 Schedule | Info-cancer Services

1 Dec 2023
New partnership with Kidney Cancer Canada

Yet more support thanks to our partnership with Kidney Cancer Canada

17 Oct 2023
Photo chèque final

La marche du Grand défoulement: an incredible 6th edition!

26 Sep 2023
$458,000 raised for La marche du Grand défoulement presented by Desjardins.

Info-cancer line: a major partnership to optimize access to support

15 Mar 2023
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Le cancer est l’épidémie d’aujourd’hui.

Il est temps pour le gouvernement d’agir. C’est urgent.