Jocelyne Cliche's story: resuming an active life

Jocelyne Cliche’s story: resuming an active life

“Immediately after being diagnosed, I was already asking members of the healthcare team when I would be able to resume working.”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2019 and underwent surgery a month or so later, around September 20th.

The idea of just doing nothing was totally foreign to me, which I why I immediately began planning how to get back into shape after my therapy. I tried different activities and techniques, but nothing helped. I hurt everywhere; the pain was unbearable. I eventually discussed what I was experiencing with the psychologist at Hôpital Charles Le-Moyne, who told me about the kinesiology services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. My oncologist quickly referred me to Denis, a kinesiologist with the Foundation.

Before and after receiving support from the Quebec Cancer Foundation

In my “former life”, running up eight flights of stairs in high heels and while carrying a large bag was a breeze. I wasn’t even winded when I got to the top. After my cancer diagnosis, climbing one flight of stairs or going to the basement and back was challenging! I was discouraged to the point where I would burst into tears. The exercises Denis taught me not only eliminated a large part of my physical pain, but they also gave me hope. I am so truly grateful to him.

Acupuncture… for cancer

Denis also spoke to me about the acupuncture services offered by the Foundation. These services are delivered by students who are close to graduating; the entire process, which is supervised by the students’ professor, is extraordinary! The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s acupuncturists, moreover, are specifically trained to treat people with cancer. I truly benefited from this procedure, which left me feeling calmer, helped me regain a sense of harmony and alleviated my muscle pain.

Acupuncture and kinesiology are the two services that helped me the most. I truly believe they go hand in hand. Acupuncture led to a recirculation of energy throughout my body. Before that, I felt as though I’d been sawed in half. Denis, in turn, help me strengthen my muscles and begin to exercise again!

My wish

I would like to see the services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation be further promoted so that people with cancer could immediately begin benefiting from them. Having experienced these very services, I can assure you that they bring both physical assistance and psychological support. Everyone deserves to be aware!

If I had but three words to describe my experience with the Foundation, they would be support, equilibrium and well-being.

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