Lucie Gaudreault’s story: helping while traveling

Lucie Gaudreault’s story: helping while traveling

“We all had one thing in common, a shared desire to give, and yes, to travel.”

Now both a mother and a grandmother, with a wonderful large family, I’m also a woman who follows her heart and continue to be amazed by anything and everything. I love people, nature, and traveling. I discovered the Quebec Cancer Foundation as I was looking through the FADOQ’s magazine that featured an advertisement for Voyage ta vie. The opportunity quickly grabbed my attention, with my children being all grown up, I was at a stage where I could make one of my oldest dreams come true and finally travel!

Walking along sanctuaries

I took part in my first Voyage ta vie trip in 2019 when my oldest daughter was undergoing her second brain cancer surgery. I needed faith at this point in my life, so I embarked on a journey along the Chemin des sanctuaires with a group of passionate walkers. We all had one thing in common, a shared desire to help, to give, and yes, to travel. During the trek, one of the participants would make a point of picking up heart-shaped pebbles she would find along the way. A small bit of love that warmed all of our hearts. We were treated like royalty during the entire trip and even got to enjoy a foot massage after having walked a total of 30 kilometers one day. While this was indeed a blessing, what I remember the most about this adventure is when my daughter came to meet me near the end of the trip.

Continuing to the Islands

I enjoyed this first trip so much that I repeated the experience in 2022, this time by participating in the Défi des Îles-de-la-Madeleine. We were supported by kind and compassionate companions, and the entire trip was steeped in acceptance and love. My time there enabled me to face certain fears while meeting wonderful people and allowing myself to laugh. As a solo traveler, I was paired with a phenomenal woman who brought me great joy and with whom I’m still in touch today.

Fly to Italy

In 2023, I have once again put my feet to work for this wonderful cause by participating in the Défi des Cinque Terre. Facing challenges such as these has allowed me to keep moving forward. Enabled me to surpass myself and venture out of my comfort zone. I also strive to celebrate life by paying tribute to the courage of all those touched by cancer. And especially, to my beloved daughter, so resilient and courageous, who recently lost her fight against the disease. Losing those we love is heart-wrenching, but it also brings us a certain strength. Now, I tell myself: bring a dream with you to bed every night and greet every day with a goal…

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