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Accommodation center in Trois-Rivières

Mauricie Lodge

3110 Louis-Pasteur Street, Trois-Rivières, Quebec  G8Z 4E3

Connected to the university-affiliated regional hospital, our accommodation center in Trois-Rivières offers you pleasant and safe surroundings so that you can concentrate on getting well.

Our personnel will welcome you warmly and do their best to respond to your needs and meet your expectations.

Lodging at Trois-Rivières - living room
Lodging at Trois-Rivières - bathroom

“Thank you to the Foundation and its staff for their support, dedication and smiles during my stay at the Lodge. I greatly appreciated that moment: it felt like a balm applied on, sometimes, difficult days. We’re lucky you exist!”

For your comfort

Available activities

The Mauricie Lodge offers you various activities to help you relax or spend time socializing with other residents. We propose, among others, various complementary therapies, all offered by professionals who adapt their practice to people with cancer. Furthermore, our dedicated volunteers organize weekly activities and outings to take your mind off things in good company.

Benefit from the following activities:


Several stores are located near the Lodge, such as convenience stores, pharmacies and restaurants, shopping centers. In addition, you have easy access to several bus lines to facilitate your travel around the city.

Staying at the Mauricie Lodge means also taking advantage of the city’s most beautiful features:

  • Amphithéâtre Cogeco
  • Boréalis (Interpretive centre for pulp and paper)
  • Cinema
  • Forges-du-Saint-Maurice
  • Maison de la culture (art and shows)
  • Moulin Seigneurial de Pointe-au-Lac
  • Museums: Musée Pierre-Boucher, Musée des filles de Jésus, Military Museum, Musée Québécois de culture populaire, Musée des Ursulines
  • Old prison
  • Our Lady of the Cape Shrine
  • Port of Trois-Rivières
  • Salle J.A. Thompson (art and shows)
  • And much more!


The accommodation center in Trois-Rivières offers parking spaces, which are made available free of charge to residents.

A parking vignette to hang from your rear view mirror will be given to you on arrival. Please note that parking spaces are limited.


The accommodation center in Trois-Rivières allows you to stay near your place of treatment at a very affordable price. The rate for one night varies according to your status. 


Please note that we do not accept payments assumed by insurance companies, organizations or others. You must pay for your stay in person before your departure, either by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), by check or in cash.

Double occupancy



Double occupancy. For a person being treated for cancer, whether it is in the period of investigation, treatment or during follow-up visits.

Including meal coupons for the Trois-Rivières Hospital cafeteria.



Double occupancy. For a person accompanying someone being treated for cancer.

Including meal coupons for the Trois-Rivières Hospital cafeteria.




Double occupancy. For someone visiting a person hospitalized for a cancer or being treated for medical issues other than cancer.

You can reserve your place at the Mauricie Lodge as soon as you have the official date for your first treatment or your tests, along with the number of treatments.

To reserve, you need only to phone us at 819-693-4242. If possible, have in hand your hospital card, your health insurance card (RAMQ), a pencil and some paper. You can also fill out the information request form by clicking below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Resident's Guide

Once you have made your decision, consult our Resident’s Guide for this information: 

  • What to bring on site
  • Meal schedule 
  • Reception schedule