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After cancer

Once the treatments are behind you, as the disease recedes, it is not always easy to regain balance. Life after cancer has its share of questions, emotions and adjustments. How to resume an active life? How to approach the return to work? What will medical follow-up look like from now on?


After cancer: Resuming an active life

When you’re undergoing cancer treatments, whether it’s chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your life revolves around daily or weekly medical appointments. After the whirlwind of treatments, which can last weeks, months or even over a year, life resumes it course. But how do you resume an active life?

Returning to work after cancer

After a long period of absence, returning to work can help people with cancer resume the normal course of their lives, but it can also be difficult.


Medical follow-up

There are several factors influencing what follow-up care will be required upon completion of treatment: the type of cancer, its stage, the treatment received, your general state of health, the professional involved and even the hospital and the region of Quebec where the treatment was administered.