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For the health and well-being of today's professionals

Our corporate support program, designed to provide a personalized approach, offers caring guidance and support from experienced oncology professionals. 

Table des matières

Corporate support program

Who can benefit?

  • Employees who have cancer
  • Self-employed workers and organizations impacted by cancer
  • Managers of employees with cancer
  • Colleagues of a person with cancer

A support program to:

  • Know what to do and say when cancer strikes in the workplace.
  • Receive free and confidential assistance.
  • Obtain information about cancer and its impact on work activities.
  • Benefit from tools and guidance throughout the process.
  • Learn more about returning to work after cancer.
  • Speak about your emotions and experiences.
  • Talk with someone who has gone through a similar situation.
  • Get referrals to complementary resources.

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Services provided

Info-cancer Services

Nursing intervention in a working group


  • Prevention and cancer
  • When a colleague or loved one is diagnosed with cancer: what to say and what to do?
  • For executives: are you ready if cancer strikes?
  • Most frequently encountered cancers: screening and symptoms.
  • The psychosocial impacts of cancer.
  • Is there life after cancer?​

Reach out to the Info-cancer Hotline
(1-800-363-0063) for more information. 


Mini-conferences on the topic of cancer (in French only)

To obtain tools regarding cancer, a staff member of the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers mini-conferences to increase awareness about the reality of a cancer diagnosis and the multitude of available resources when cancer has an impact on the work environment.

Better equip businesses to deal with cancer

  • Free turnkey formula, tailored to your organization and its daily reality.
  • Event lasting approximately 30 minutes.
  • Content presented in a clear and simple language, suitable for all employees.
  • Allows for a better understanding of cancer, learning more about the main risk factors, and acquiring tools and information to help face the disease.


To host a mini-conference or obtain further information, contact us today:

Info-cancer Services
[email protected]

Documentation resources

Brochure (in French only)

Get the tools you need to offer specific and concrete support.

Quoi dire? Quoi faire? Lorsque le cancer frappe au travail

Request your paper copy today at 1-800-363-0063.

To learn more about the impacts of cancer on work: Cancer’s impact on work | Cancer and Work (

Suggested readings (in French only):

À la santé de votre retour au travail!

Grégoire, Mélanie ; Grégoire, Mylène ; Thibodeau, Annick. Un monde différent, 2009, 190 p.

Advice and testimonials to take ownership of best practices to regain control of your personal and professional life.

Borrow it for free!

Prévenir et soigner le cancer pour les nuls

Khayat, David. Éditions First, 2021, 490 pp.

Discover more about what cancer is exactly, available treatments, medical follow-up, and ways you can support a person with cancer.

Borrow it for free!

Après la maladie, le travail : reprendre une trajectoire professionnelle après le cancer

Maginer, Géraldine. Enrick B. Éditions, 2018, 142 pp.

A book offering simple yet useful ideas and tips for people who wonder about returning to work after having faced cancer.

Borrow it for free!