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Our impact

Despite the circumstances of the past few years, cancer has not taken a break. We have never been so busy. Thanks to you, we have never ceased to be present and accessible to Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones.

QFC: statistica of death by cancer in Quebec

Our overall impact

Every 8 minutes, a Quebecer is diagnosed with cancer.

Together, we are helping Quebecers live better during and after cancer every day.


Carole T.’s story: victim of medical load shedding

“After months of uncertainty and total anguish, I was finally talking with someone who was there for me to listen and offer both comfort and support.”

Roxane S. témoignage

Roxane S.’s story: 3 diagnoses at 31

“Some of the frustrations and negative feelings I was experiencing were perfectly normal. This knowledge went a long way towards facilitating my acceptance process.”

Serge D.'s story: alleviating the financial burden of cancer

“I understand that the Support program for daily living activities will not solve my financial situation, but it is nonetheless a valuable source of support.”

Serge D. PAVQ: impact

Dorothée Njuidje Kom’s story: cancer patient and caregiver at the same time

“Because my family lived so far away, I had to fully assume two simultaneous roles: cancer patient and my own caregiver.”​

Our latest achievements

Find out how, for 45 years, we’ve continued to make a real difference for Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones, through our strategic plan, services and fundraising activities, detailed financial statements, and more.