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During the year, we offer various fundraising campaigns, including our corporate campaign. By donating, you allow us to better accompany Quebecers whose lives are shaken by a diagnosis. 


2023 corporate campaign

Between a cancer diagnosis and the ensuing treatment, life goes on

In 2018, I learned that I had breast cancer. It was a dreadful shock, especially considering that my daughter had received a lymphoma diagnosis the year before. It was a difficult time, one that we were lucky to get through.

Annual campaign - April 2023

Because where there is cancer… there is also life!

Cancer is not a rare disease. Every 9 minutes, a Quebecer is diagnosed with cancer.  The disease upends so many lives, striking people with no regard for gender, financial status or age… As experience taught me, it is not among the category of diseases that only strike “other people”.