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Information for Researchers

The Quebec Cancer Foundation (FQC) appreciates the role that research plays in better understanding the major issues facing people with cancer and their loved ones and in supporting the development of programs and services. 

Although we are not directly involved in funding or directing research protocols, we frequently partner with Quebec researchers to ensure that the voices of those we support every day are heard.


We receive many requests from researchers who are looking to recruit people with cancer in our network or their loved ones. While we appreciate these efforts, we are aware of the risks involved in “over-recruitment ” and are taking steps to prevent this from happening.


We also attach great importance to keeping the members of our community informed. This is absolutely central to our interest in research. Whenever we ask members of our community to participate in a research protocol, we also ask the research team to keep us up to date on any results or relevant information that could improve the lives of people with cancer or their loved ones.

FQC has a 5-step process for cancer recruitment applications:

  1. The Researcher must complete the attached Recruitment Assistance Application Form and send it by email to: [email protected] 
  2. We will then review your application and determine:
    a) whether the project is consistent with FQC’s mission;
    b) whether it involves risks for which FQC could be held responsible;
    c) whether the human resource effort involved is reasonable in terms of the expected benefits of the information.
  3. Upon approval, we will confirm the details of the role(s) that FQC accepts.
  4. The researcher must send a copy of the recruitment notice/poster/image of the application with the application form. Generally, this information will be shared on the FQC Facebook page. Please note that FQC will not directly send any email concerning research protocols.
  5. Once the study is complete, we will ask all researchers to send us a simplified summary of the results, which we will be able to share with our team with a view to improving or modifying our programs and services.

Recruitment Notice Guidelines

For written notices, please observe a limit of less than 500 words.

For electronic posters, we can accept most file formats (e.g. PDF, JPEG, etc.). Please ensure that the image is 560 pixels wide and respects copyright laws.

If possible, please include a logo and/or photo of the research team to help personalize the application.

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