Let yourself be inspired by the stories of people who have received essential support from the Foundation: Quebecers with cancer, caregivers, volunteers, donors, etc. Find answers to your questions and ideas for your journey to wellness. You are not alone.


Martine Morin’s story: an involvement in the telephone peer matching service after cancer

"Having cancer has taught me how to live better.”

Manon Bisson’s story: a 32-year-old mom

“The Quebec Cancer Foundation, a little gem for those closest to me.”

Julia P.’s story: an accessible  kinesiologist on Zoom

“When I found out that a kinesiologist could accompany me via the Zoom platform, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.”

Isabelle Goupil’s story: cancer and logistics

“The moment a nurse spoke to her about the Quebec Cancer Foundation Lodges in the Estrie region, it was as though a ray of hope had miraculously appeared at the end of this incredibly difficult tunnel.”

Grace Durocher’s story: lucky in her misfortune

“Lucky in my misfortune”

Francine Legault’s story: devastated by her son’s cancer diagnosis

“Everyone I was lucky enough to speak with at the Foundation held their hand out and helped me stand tall during this entire ordeal.”

Dorothée Njuidje Kom’s story: cancer patient and caregiver at the same time

“Because my family lived so far away, I had to fully assume two simultaneous roles: cancer patient and my own caregiver.”​
Elderly woman speaking on a phone call at home

Carole T.’s story: victim of medical load shedding

“After months of uncertainty and total anguish, I was finally talking with someone who was there for me to listen and offer both comfort and support.”

Marie-Paule Royer’s story: healing for the heart and soul

"Sure, there’s the science. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy... treatments for the body. But you also need healing for the heart and soul."

Stephan Lavoie’s story: impeccable services near the treatment sites

“Nowhere have I found anything to compare with the human contact I received at the Foundation.”