Martine Filoni's story: the workshops benefits

Martine Filoni’s story: the workshops benefits

“This winter, I very much enjoyed attending some of the workshops offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation (QCF) such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Laughter is Health, and Visualization.”

I really needed to feel connected, and thank God, the Quebec Cancer Foundation was there, closer than ever, despite the distance. 

But then, a series of professional trainings got added to my agenda, one by one. I didn’t know where to turn: I had to give up most of those excellent workshops. Regret it as I might, those choices had to be made.

During the visualization workshop this morning, I again heard people discussing the fact that the doctors don’t mention the services the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers and all the great benefits that can be derived from their workshops. In my opinion, finding out about the various services the FQC offers is the first thing you should do if you want to take your health in hand.

In any event, I’m thrilled to be able to continue with the visualization workshop, in which Mr. Claude Couture shares different visualizations, group discussions, and readings with the group. Obviously, this type of workshop is not for everyone, but in my opinion, anyone diagnosed with cancer should be aware of the benefits reported by people who have had the good fortune of attending the workshops offered by the FQC.

Thank you to the Quebec Cancer Foundation for your excellent programs and services, both in-person and virtual. It was a great surprise to discover how much the visualization workshop has brought me! Every week, I feel better equipped to move towards more radiant mental and physical health. 

I would like all health care personnel, at every level and all over Quebec, to spread the word about the excellent services generously offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Thank you once again!

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