Serge D.'s story: coping with the precariousness of cancer

Serge D.’s story: coping with the precariousness of cancer

“I understand that the Support program for daily living activities will not solve my financial situation, but it is nonetheless a valuable source of support.”

In February of 2023, after several months spent trying to figure out what ailed me (during which time I received an erroneous diagnosis of hemorrhoids), I learned that I had anal cancer.

Being self-employed, this diagnosis had a shattering impact on my professional activities; I was forced to drastically cut back on my working hours, which led to a significant drop in income. Going from a situation of financial stability to a world of sudden uncertainty in this regard is highly unsettling. The financial pressure I became subject to had the effect of exacerbating the already difficult burden of my illness, leaving me more stressed than ever.

A concrete initiative to meet financial imperatives

Luckily, my social worker told me about the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Support program for daily living activities (PAVQ), and suggested that I submit a request. I cannot emphasize how important this was. For being struck with cancer is demoralizing in many ways, as we can no longer carry out our activities of daily living and our finances generally suffer, as the bills and other expenses continue to pile up.

“I understand that the Support program for daily living activities will not solve my financial situation, but it is nonetheless a valuable source of support. This is all the more welcome when we realize that there are few financial resources (government or community) for people in my situation. This dearth of help often triggers human tragedies. Our government has got significant work to do in this regard.”

You make the difference

Today, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of the generous donors and my heartfelt thanks to the Quebec Cancer Foundation for having introduced such an important program. It’s heartwarming and reassuring to know that there are organizations and individuals who step up to provide financial support to people with cancer, even if only to help them through a rough patch. Your help makes a real difference in our lives.


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