What is cancer? Find out everything you need to know about its definition, ways to help prevent it, its detection, the various classification systems and more.


Definition of cancer

Normally, your body’s cells grow in a controlled manner. They divide when necessary and die when they have divided too many times or when they are damaged.

Cancer prevention

While many aspects of cancer remain unknown at this time, it is possible for you to adopt life habits that can help you prevent the disease.


Cancer screening

With early detection and better investigation and treatment methods, the survival rate for Canadians with cancer is over 60%. By comparison, in the 1940s, it stood at about 25%.

Cancer classification: TNM, grade, stage

earn more about the various cancer classification systems.

Facts and statistics about cancer

First and foremost, please note that these statistics are estimates based on data from 2010 for Quebec and 2017-2018 for the rest of Canada.