$8.5 M, a critical goal to help the community deal with cancer

February 13, 2024

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has set a goal of $8.5 M in fundraising for 2024, and this is to support and take care of Quebecers touched by cancer. Every 8 minutes, someone is diagnosed with the disease, and this number keeps increasing, essentially making cancer nothing short of a formidable enemy.

In light of this harsh reality, the Quebec Cancer Foundation undertakes, in 2024, to not only increase the availability of its various oncology professionals, programs, and services but to also facilitate access to front-line oncology services throughout the province.

“Given the current issues facing the healthcare system, people with cancer must be able to count on alternative measures to meet their urgent needs, in a timely manner. The Foundation aims to venture off the beaten path by improving its services and acting on several new fronts. This would allow us to not only increasingly conciliate our programs and services with those of the healthcare system, but to also mitigate the overwhelming impact cancer has on the people it touches,” declared Marco Décelles, General Manager of the Foundation.

This year, we will notably be introducing a support program for the initiatives of Quebec’s oncology centers. Thanks to the support of loyal partners such as you, we will be investing $1 M over 4 years to fund projects favouring improved physical and psychological well-being before, during, and after cancer treatments. This will ensure that the people who turn to these centers can receive still more concrete help in their region.

8.5 M fundraising target for cancer 

To raise this amount of $8.5 M and offer support to the 67,500 Quebecers who face cancer each year and their loved ones, the Foundation needs to be able to count on its community to help it face today’s epidemic.

QFC: statistica of death by cancer in Quebec

The Foundation also hopes to obtain more than $1.5 M from the Quebec business community, through corporate events such as Cancerto, a series of fundraising evenings that continues to break records.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is the only charitable organization in the province to support Quebecers facing all types of cancer, regardless of where they live. “This is why we can never give up. Whenever someone supports the Quebec Cancer Foundation, a spark of hope and warmth is felt by those who have received a cancer diagnosis. A group that grows by one person every 8 minutes,” stated Guylaine Tanguay, volunteer spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation.