Facilitating access to services: an ambitious strategic plan for the Quebec Cancer Foundation

January 12, 2024

Today, the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors and its General Manager, Marco Décelles, unveiled the organization’s new 2024-2026 Strategic Plan: Facilitating access to front-line oncology services throughout Quebec. This ambitious yet concrete plan will provide a framework for the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s staunch commitment towards expanding the scope of its measures and their benefits within the healthcare network and achieving its mission of accompanying people affected by cancer, and this at every stage of the disease.

This plan is the result of an extensive consultation process involving members of the Board of Directors, Foundation executive managers and employees, and numerous of its partners and supporters.

Resting on three axes representing the various challenges encountered, this document puts forth the positive actions the Foundation has undertaken to carry out over the next three years, namely to:

  • Position itself as a unifying leader at a provincial level;
  • Further develop its service offer to meet needs in the areas of accessibility, prevention, and education across the complete care trajectory;
  • Shine as a front-line actor in the field of oncology as well as a health partner across Quebec.


These concrete measures are indicative of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s commitment to playing a leading role in providing support and companionship to people affected by various types of cancer, at all steps of the care trajectory.

This new plan also seeks to reflect the current circumstances surrounding the Quebec healthcare system, with a new cancer diagnosis being received every 8 minutes and cancer being the leading cause of death in the province.

The Foundation, conscious of the importance of this evolving situation, sought to adopt a dynamic plan to ensure that a growing number of Quebecers could access its programs and services.

“Together, we can see a future where Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones have access to companionship, support from oncology professionals, accommodations, and relevant complementary therapies, regardless of the region of Quebec in which they live,” emphasized Dr. Philippe Sauthier, President of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

“This plan is indicative of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s commitment to playing a leading role […]. By thinking outside the box, improving our services, and widening the scope of our activities, we are not only getting closer to people with cancer, but preventing cancer from consuming their lives,” stated Marco Décelles, General Manager of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan (in French only) can be viewed here.