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Annual campaign – April 2024

With you at our side, we can do more to help people impacted by cancer.

Coming face to face with cancer changes a person forever. I have first-hand experience of this. I can also attest that when we watch our bearings slipping away from  us, when we begin to feel vulnerable and disorganized, it’s almost impossible to imagine being able to get through these difficult moments without a very special type of support.

Even when we are financially secure or have family members by our side, being supported by a community that understands exactly what we’re going through is priceless. This is why caring people – like the ones who support and work alongside the Quebec Cancer Foundation – play such an important role when someone like me finds themselves battling the life-altering disease that is cancer.

After several months spent trying to figure out what ailed me (during which time I received an initial – erroneous – diagnosis of hemorrhoids), I finally learned that I had anal cancer.

Being self-employed, this diagnosis had a shattering impact on my professional activities and forced me to considerably cut back on my working hours, which led to a significant drop in income. Imagine going from a situation of financial stability to a world of uncertainty in one fell swoop. And this while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. That was me, one year ago…

This financial pressure exacerbated the already difficult burden of my illness and represented an additional stress that I could have done without. Receiving a cancer diagnosis has an impact on our daily activities, which in turn affects our finances, for the bills and other expenses continue to pile up.

Luckily, my social worker spoke to me about the PAVQ, the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Support program for daily living activities. I cannot emphasize how important this was.

While the Support program for daily living activities is designed to provide last-resort assistance and as such does not address the gamut of financial issues people with cancer face, it is nonetheless a valuable source of support. This support is all the more welcome when we realize that financial resources for people in my shoes are scarce.


To make a donation by phone or for any questions, contact us:

Organization’s registration number: 107391963 RR 0001

I’m doing well today. Despite the reality that nothing is ever the same after a cancer diagnosis. Every ache, every symptom, brings bad memories to the surface and reminds us of what we went through.

Every time someone steps up to help the Foundation, their generosity allows for introducing new targeted and compassionate programs and services that help people like me keep moving forward, despite the fear, the pain, and the uncertainty. Do you not find it reassuring to know that there are people who actively support, in a thousand and one ways, people with cancer and their loved ones? I find it remarkable.

Every donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation is essential, including yours.

Thank you for stepping up.

Serge D.
Beneficiary of the Quebec Cancer Foundation


To make a donation by phone or for any questions, contact us:

Organization’s registration number: 107391963 RR 000