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New access windows for cancer to optimize access to screening: a step forward for patients

June 3, 2022

Following the recent announcement — only available in French — of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Quebec Cancer Foundation and other primary organizations working in the field of cancer are thrilled with the decision to introduce new access windows for cancer. Every day, we witness the negative impacts of the uncertainty omnipresent in the lives of patients and their loved ones who find themselves embroiled in the cancer screening process.

Our team often supports patients through the various steps leading to the diagnosis and preceding the onset of cancer treatment. We regularly observe the distress of many of these people along with their desperate need for guidance.” notes Marco Décelles, General Manager at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. 

The $11.2 million project for the coordination of cancer screening announced by Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, seeks to provide patients with improved access and a follow-up during the cancer screening process. In concrete terms, they will be guided from the moment they are referred to a specialist for a possible cancer until they receive a confirmed diagnosis.

Marco Décelles is standing alongside other organizations working in the filed of cancer (Leucan, PROCURE, Canadian Cancer Society, Cancer Research Society) to provide psychological and physical relief to people with cancer and their loved ones. “Thanks to this new cancer screening process, we expect to see a drop in waiting times, which can possibly make a huge difference in the lives of people awaiting a diagnosis. At this time, caregivers and people waiting on a diagnosis reach out to various organizations for help in navigating the healthcare system and finding answers. A positive relationship between cancer screening centres and the community will be extremely beneficial for patients,” claims Laurent Proulx, President and CEO of PROCURE.

These primary organizations have promised to fully cooperate with government authorities to ensure this new service’s successful implementation. “For a number of years now, we’ve been supporting people with cancer and those waiting for their diagnosis. We’re confident that we could play a role in this initiative’s success. Early access and increased support are key to treating this disease. We’ll be happy to contribute to the project’s success, notably through our Cancer Information Helpline,” concludes David Raynaud, Manager, Advocacy at the Canadian Cancer Society.