Fondation Sauve ta Peau

The Save Your Skin Foundation (STSF) is a national non-profit, patient-led group dedicated to fighting skin cancer, melanoma and ocular melanoma through national initiatives focused on education and awareness. FSTP plays an active role in reducing the incidence of skin cancer in Canada and supports all Canadians living with skin cancer.

Service offerings


Contributes to the implementation of tools to facilitate work in immuno-oncology and precision medicine.The organisation is involved in public and private sector health policies and in systemic issues of access to treatment.

Information and documentation

Information on the different types of skin cancer: documentation, reference to local resources, awareness and prevention of skin cancer.Medical information by telephone : in French : Lise 418 427-6213; in English : Kathy 800-460-5832. Free.

Financial help

Financial assistance may be available depending on demand. National organization