Service de psychothérapie au Centre Saint-Pierre

The Center St-Pierre is a popular education center founded in 1973. A place of public debate, it offers training, support and social intervention services to socially committed groups as well as to people in search of meaning, from a popular education perspective that integrates the social, the psychological and the spiritual. Through its action and its pedagogical approach, it aims at the care and autonomy of individuals and groups.

Service offerings

Psychologist and social worker

Complementary information: Individual psychotherapy service, marital and family therapy. To access the service, the person must make their own request by leaving their contact information on the psychotherapy service's voice mailbox or make a request via the Internet. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm; Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Location where the service is offered: Greater Montreal Fees: Rates modulated according to ability to pay.