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Continuation of the Onco+ service thanks to convincing results

January 19, 2023

Finding a clinical trial is a complex task, especially when it comes to cancer, which has more than a hundred sub-diseases. To address this issue and respond to a need expressed by people with cancer, Onco+ was set up by Q-CROC, in collaboration with the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

This free support service helps people with cancer identify clinical trials that could correspond to their medical condition, in addition to supporting them in their efforts.

Onco+ is for anyone with cancer (or a loved one) who wants to learn more about clinical research and clinical trials currently taking place in Quebec. More than 700 clinical trials are underway in the province, for different types and stages of cancer. You can request information online or speak directly with a nurse from the Info-cancer Line at 1 800 363-0063, extension 115.

“A huge thank you! You were there at just the right time, when we felt alone and lost. Thank you for these possible solutions. – Caregiver who recently used Onco+

“The Foundation is proud to continue its collaboration with Q-CROC on this project. Onco+ allows people with cancer to talk directly with a specialized nurse from the Foundation, in addition to having access to a listening ear who can inform them about the disease and redirect them to other resources if needed. – Marco Décelles, Executive Director of the Quebec Cancer Foundation

“By joining our expertise with that of the Foundation, Onco+ connects more people with cancer to clinical trials. The pilot phase of the project has helped nearly 70 people in just a few months and this is just the beginning! The demand is very real and people living outside Quebec and Canada have even used the service. – Lucie D’Amours, General Manager of Q-CROC

Find out more about oncology clinical trials and participant recruitment in Quebec with Onco+.