Info-Cancer Services: The Quebec Cancer Foundation and Myeloma Canada join forces to optimize the support available to people with cancer

June 15, 2022

We are working alongside Myeloma Canada to enhance the support offered to people with cancer.

Every day, 10 Canadians receive a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, the second most prevalent form of blood cancer.

Despite the growing number of cases, public awareness of multiple myeloma, commonly referred to as myeloma, is quite limited. Most people hear the terms for the first time, i.e., multiple myeloma, when they receive their diagnosis. People living with this incurable cancer need to be informed and supported by members of the Canadian myeloma community who have first-hand experience of the disease, whether it be as a person with this type of cancer or a caregiver.

Bolstered by its 44 support groups across the country, Myeloma Canada believes that benefiting from personal support of a peer can make all the difference. The daily reality for people who live with myeloma is a scary one, as the question is never whether will it be a recurrence but rather, when. 

By benefiting from shared experience, people referred to our telephone peer matching service will be better prepared to understand, to care or to deal with their respective situation.

Our expertise when it comes to cancer, combined with the relevance of our psychological support available through our telephone peer matching service, will allow us to reach and help yet more people affected by myeloma. Together, we’ll be able to facilitate access to support and better meet the needs of more Quebecers affected and their loved ones ” stated Marco Décelles, General Manager of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

By mobilizing our strengths to improve the telephone peer matching service available to Quebec patients, we are acting on our shared desire to enhance their well-being and of their loved ones.

“ We’re thrilled to partner with the Quebec Cancer Foundation and join their telephone peer matching program, an initiative which directly supports patients with myeloma across Quebec. Thanks to this resource, patients and their caregivers will receive pertinent support. They will be able to communicate directly and confidentially with a volunteer who can bring comfort, having personally been through the same ordeal. By working with the Foundation, Quebecers touched by myeloma can receive support tailored to their condition and needs ” declared Martine Elias, Executive Director of Myeloma Canada.

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