The Oncology Passport

An Oncology Passport is a special health booklet for people with cancer. It is a great tool to help you understand your treatment program, follow its course and actively participate in it. It is also your “calling card” if you ever need to go to the emergency room, since it will inform healthcare personnel that you are undergoing active cancer treatment (hence its name “Oncology Passport”).

The document contains many helpful sections, including:

  • A listing of useful information, such as emergency telephone numbers.
  • Information on symptoms that need immediate assistance and a special chart to help you better track and manage your side effects.
  • Spaces reserved to record your appointments, healthcare professionals, prescription drugs and overall state of health.


The Oncology Passport is designed to foster a sense of partnership between people with cancer and healthcare professionals and to promote better disease self-management

Publication du MSSS (2008), Oncology Passport

Order online if the document was not submitted by a member of the oncology team