​Lending an ear for the past 43+ years

November 18, 2022

Usually celebrated on October 24th, this day underlines how having someone listen is critical to the well-being of the countless people who face challenges, including cancer, every year.

This past October 26th, we had the pleasure of taking part in the 5th edition of the Journée de l’écoute, ” L’écoute, une précieuse connexion!”, an event organized by the Association des Centres d’écoute téléphonique du Québec (ACETDQ).


 Two members of our team:

Laure Vanlerberghe, assistant to the general management and development, programs and services, left
Marie-Amandine Sauthier, Social Worker, right

Support, a phone call away

We have always understood the importance of listening in our mission to help and support Quebecers facing cancer. The Quebec Cancer Foundation was the first organization to offer a telephone information and assistance service in French, to Quebecers facing cancer. The nurses, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and documentalists — specialized in oncology — at our Info-cancer Hotline not only provide callers with information and answers to their questions about the disease, treatments, and ways of better dealing with cancer but also with active listening. 

Fostering relationships to better support people in need

The well-being of people with cancer and their loved ones is at the core of our mission. Fostering supportive relationships begins with listening carefully, as the first step in offering concrete and tailored services to their needs: through our telephone peer matching service, the attentive ear of the employees at our 6 Lodges, and the comforting presence of therapists in our physical well-being programs and psychological support services

No one should face cancer alone. We are just a phone call away to inform, support, and help people through this challenging time.

Do you or a loved one facing cancer need help or information?
Call our Info-cancer Hotline, at 1-800-363-0063, or 
visit our Website.

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Le cancer est l’épidémie d’aujourd’hui.

Il est temps pour le gouvernement d’agir. C’est urgent.