PAVQ: a financial support program for Quebecers with cancer in vulnerable situations

May 31, 2022

We are happy to announce the launch of our new $1M financial support program for people with cancer living below the low-income threshold across the province

Since 1979, the Foundation continues to adapt and innovate with the goal of offering programs and services that better suit the needs of people affected by cancer. To date, we have helped more than half a million Quebecers and we pursue our efforts to stand up for them.

Intended for people in vulnerable situations, our Support program for daily living activities (PAVQ) will allow a greater number of Quebecers under the low-income threshold to focus more on their healing than on their financial burden: regardless of the type or stage of cancer they have, their location in Quebec or their age.

A unique last-resort program in Quebec

The PAVQ — a unique last-resort financial program in Quebec — aims to promote the quality of life and the well-being of people diagnosed with cancer. It is also an additional resource for all oncology professionals in the healthcare network, offering an adequate support alternative to patients in Quebec. Patients who are not eligible for another financial support program are invited to contact their health establishment’s social worker or practitioner in oncology to apply.

New milestone in the richness of our programs and services, this project is also aligned with our strategic plan: Être plus près du monde (Being closer to the people). This last-resort initiative will allow us to reach people where and how they need us the most.

We are proud to launch this important initiative which will respond to an urgent need due to low incomes and numerous unforeseen healthcare expenses. Once again, we are transforming the healthcare landscape by offering an essential program to people facing cancer and vulnerable situations, everywhere in Quebec. No one should have to choose between their physical, mental and financial health.” Marco Décelles, General Manager of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

One out of two Quebecers will face cancer. But both will need support. We are here to help them both.