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2023 financial goal: $7.7 million to support Quebecers with cancer

February 7, 2023

To ensure it can continue providing valuable support to all Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has set a lofty goal: raising $7.7 million in 2023.

Despite advances in medicine, cancer is not beating a hasty retreat. An estimated 60,000 Quebecers are diagnosed with cancer every year. This number is increasing with each consecutive year, as is the need for support among people with cancer and their loved ones. Now is not the time for the Foundation to pull back on its mission of providing them with the most appropriate help possible, everywhere in Quebec.

Cognizant of the multiple and varied challenges faced by people touched by cancer and in all aspects of their lives, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is continuing to create innovative programs and services adapted to their needs and designed to provide daily support for a better life, despite of the disease. These include: 

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has helped over half a million Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones thus far, notably through its accommodation network. In 2022, over 30,000 stays (nights) were extended in the Foundation’s 6 Lodges across the province, representing an impressive 36% increase over the last year.

In light of the difficulty people with cancer often have obtaining pertinent support, the Foundation has also worked to develop numerous partnerships with healthcare institutions and local partners as a way of improving access to complementary therapies promoting the well-being of people with cancer:

“At present, at least one of our services (and sometimes more) is offered in close to 30 institutions in Quebec (including Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the Beauce, Saguenay, and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions). In 2023, we want to continue in this vein to meet the concrete needs of the thousands of Quebecers who are facing cancer throughout Quebec,” stated Marco Décelles, General Manager of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

To raise this astounding amount of $7.7 million, the Foundation will need your help. Reaching this goal will enable the Foundation to continue being there for the 60,000 people touched by cancer each year, and to offer them help in facing the physical, psychological, and ever-present burden that cancer represents in their daily lives.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is the only organization in the province to help all Quebecers who find themselves impacted by cancer, regardless of their background, age, region of origin, language, or the type of cancer they must contend with. This is why we must continue to offer our services.