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Onco+: new support service for Quebecers seeking clinical trials and new cancer treatments

May 20, 2022 

On the occasion of International Clinical Trials Day, Q-CROC is pleased to announce the launch of a new support service for persons with cancer, Onco+. Finding a suitable clinical trial is a monumental task, especially for cancer which includes over a hundred sub-diseases. To address this issue and meet a need voiced by the community, Q-CROC, in collaboration with the Quebec Cancer Foundation, created Onco+, a free support service designed to help people with cancer identify potentially suitable clinical trials and to help them in this regard.  

The Foundation is pleased to be partnering with Q-CROC to bring this important initiative to life. Onco+ will provide people with cancer a means of discussing directly with a specialized nurse of the Foundation who will help them navigate the often complex process of finding suitable and relevant clinical trials.” Marco Décelles, General Manager, Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Unlike other Canadian provinces or countries like the United Kingdom, few Quebecers facing cancer take part in clinical trials. We are truly convinced that a promising project such as Onco+ will allow a greater number of people to participate in the clinical trials carried out across the province. Clinical research is a critical element in the road to discovering new treatments. The more people who participate in clinical trials, the more quickly new treatments can be tested, approved and made available to a wider group of patients.” Lucie D’Amours, General Manager, Q-CROC.

Go to to learn more about Onco+ and cancer clinical trials presently seeking participants in Quebec.