Francine Legault’s story: devastated by her son’s cancer diagnosis

Francine Legault’s story: devastated by her son’s cancer diagnosis

“Everyone I was lucky enough to speak with at the Foundation held their hand out and helped me stand tall during this entire ordeal.”

This is a letter from Francine Legault to our responsible for telephone peer matching, in appreciation for the benefits of this service.

Hello Huguette,

“Thank you.” Such tiny words to express such a deeply felt gratitude.

Six months ago, I picked up the telephone and called the Quebec Cancer Foundation. I was at the time devastated by the cancer diagnosis my son David had just received. I spiraled down into the same despair I had felt when I was struck by cancer several years prior.

You listened to me with kindness, and I can never thank you enough for that. I was matched with Ms. Martine, and we had conversations that were both profound and filled with wisdom. Please thank her for me.

I then spoke with Chantal, who also listened to me and provided me with a number of  resources. I would appreciate you thanking her as well.

David got his 12th round of chemotherapy today. He’s exhausted, but really happy. He got through it, and told me, “I’m at a loss for words.” I had been by his side for this entire journey, but I learned to let go. I learned to have faith in him and to let him make his own decisions. I learned to take care of myself, to be able to take better care of him.

These past six months were indescribably difficult, but we grew closer. Now, things are looking up and we find ourselves laughing more often than we used to.

Everyone I was lucky enough to speak with at the Foundation held their hand out and helped me stand tall during this entire ordeal.

Your humanity and compassion touched me deeply. You made a difference.

Huguette, Martine and Chantal, I will never be able to thank you enough!

After having completed such a fulfilling personal journey, I’m now embarking on another trip –  the river awaits. Again, thank you!

Francine Legault

Would you like to talk to someone who has been through the same thing as you?
Call 1-800-363-0063 to take advantage of the telephone peer matching service.

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