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Danièle Henkel is the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s new goodwill ambassador

October 28, 2022

Turning illness into something useful!

We’re happy to welcome Danièle Henkel as our new goodwill ambassador. After facing breast cancer in 2018, Quebec’s entrepreneurship queen wants to support other Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones.

Passionate about human transformation and gifted with extraordinary emotional intelligence, Danièle Henkel supports countless people every day, helping them reach their full potential and renewed self-confidence. Led by her intuition, she goes where she can reach out in support of greater solidarity and inclusiveness, and invite people to better live together.

Such dedication led this great lady to support the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Our cause is very close to her heart, particularly since 2017, when she learned that her youngest daughter Amel had been diagnosed with lymphoma. One year later, when Danièle Henkel discovered that she also had cancer, she didn’t share her diagnosis with the public, preferring to focus on remaining strong and spending time with her family. Thanks to resilient and highly skilled medical experts and the love and support of their family, both mother and daughter managed to get through cancer.

Cognizant of the continually growing number of new cancer diagnoses[1], Danièle Henkel wants to raise awareness among Quebecers about the importance of cancer prevention and the resources offered by the Foundation.

“Receiving a cancer diagnosis is simply shocking. Not only does your entire world tilt on its axis, but it has a profound effect on all of your loved ones. Being able to obtain as much support as possible is critical in getting through this difficult time. The Foundation does just this, by providing concrete services tailored not only to people with cancer but to their loved ones” she explains.

Present across Quebec, the Foundation supports and helps people with cancer and their loved ones. Each year, the Foundation makes it possible for thousands of Quebecers to benefit from complementary therapiespsychological support, helpful information through its Info-cancer Services, and programs offering legal and financial assistance. The Foundation also boasts the largest province-wide network of accommodations for people with cancer and their loved ones, namely our Lodges. People in need can stay at one of our six Lodges, close to major cancer treatment centers.

[1] There are an estimated 60,000 new cancer diagnoses in Quebec each year. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, ranked ahead of cardiovascular diseases.