Julia P.’s story: an accessible  kinesiologist on Zoom

Julia P.’s story: an accessible  kinesiologist on Zoom

“When I found out that a kinesiologist could accompany me via the Zoom platform, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.”

I was barely 30 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I straight away tried to find out what services were available that were adapted to my situation. I live in the regions, and the services offered to people with cancer tend to be rather limited. After a few online searches, I discovered the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Even though the Foundation does not have an affiliated hospital center in my region, I still am able to benefit from some of its online services, such as kinesiology.

My chemotherapy treatments had obliged me to slow down the pace of my daily life, even to completely stop certain physical activities. Of course, it teaches you to let go… but I was still very eager to get back to running, or to go walking in the mountains.

When I found out that a kinesiologist could accompany me via the Zoom platform, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It’s a fact: cancer and the various treatments that come with it are a source of stress. But physical activity is one way to get rid of it. The exercises proposed by my kinesiologist, Kathryne, allowed me to let go of this emotional load. Thanks to her advice and guidance, I have regained my balance and gradually resumed my sports career.

Kathryne’s experience in oncology adds real value to the care I receive. I feel confident with her: not only is her program adapted to my type of cancer, but our meetings always take place in an atmosphere of respect and good humour!

Finally, I feel fortunate to be able to profit from the services of a kinesiologist, despite the distance and social distancing restrictions of COVID-19.

If I have one piece of advice to give to those who find themselves in a similar situation: Don’t go it alone. There are a lot of exceptional people out there who are ready to support and accompany you through  your ordeal!

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